Mark Zuckerberg displays the numbers of the Facebook community

A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg in a post ’ commentatissimo shared an image showing with a well-presented graphics quarterly results of its social networks like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
It's mind-boggling numbers, but the graphics launches a message not too clear, and the negative comments and insults do not waste!

Obviously the strategic marketing plays a vital role in social networks, and especially in Facebook.risultati_facebook_mark
Mark Zuckerberg writes:

We just announced our quarterly earnings and gave an update on our community’ s progress to connect the world.

Our community now has more than 1.44 billion people. Here are some other highlights from our quarter that show the scale of what we’ re all building together.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and for helping to connect the world.


Abbiamo appena annunciato I risultati trimestrali e fornito un aggiornamento sullo stato di avanzamento della nostra comunità per collegare il mondo.
Our community has now more than 1,44 billions of people. Which (in image n.d.r ’.) There are some other highlights of our quarter showing the scope of what we are building together.
Thank you for being a part of our community, and to help connect the world.

Here are the graphics attached to post:

Here's the translation:

  • 1,44 billion people on Facebook each month
  • 800 millions of people on WhatsApp every month
  • 700 millions of people on Facebook Groups each month
  • 399 millions of people on Instagram every month
  • 45 billions of messages sent each month
  • 4 billions of video views every month
  • 800 millions of people who have been given access to the internet via
  • 650 millions of people connected to the sports pages
  • 2 millions of advertiser (companies that use advertising on Facebook

Caution: does not mean how many users have understood that every month there are millions of new users, but that every month there are for example 800 millions of people who use WhatsApp.

Many users have taken this post by Mark as an excess of Ego by posting this picture: