Red apple: the app for the personalized diet!

Summer is approaching and the test suit is upon us, have already decided to put in diet and do not know where to start? The Mela Blonde do for you, and I speak not of the fruit, but the new app for diet that makes up a personalized diet according to your diet and your habits vita.Vediamo together what it is!

The applications that help you find a diet are lots, but Red Apple stands out from others because it will prescribe a diet tailored to your life, to your needs and to the weight that you would like to reach.

It starts with the introduction of its parameters, the date of birth, sex, weight and height; compiled this data and then shows you the index of your approximate body mass, with an assessment of your weight and your diet. Then you go to your waist and hip measurements, in order to have depicted the avatar of your morphotype, that is, the type of your physical.

Red Apple app for diet

Once you have set the weight you would like to reach, shows the estimated time to achieve it, and asks you to indicate how your day is made up of a “type”, before then working holiday, without exceeding the 12 estimated hours of wakefulness.

Once you have finished filling out all the required fields, the screen of your nutritional needs with a general assessment of your type of life,and asks you to indicate your food preferences (Omnivores or vegetarians), type of meal on weekdays (meal or quick meal) and asks you to check the foods you eat thereof preferably not for a matter of taste.

After agreeing to the processing of data and the terms of privacy, the’ app for diet wants to know your general data,and when completed will show your new personalized diet!

Each week you have to set your new weight, in a manner that the’ app for diet can still change your diet and change your calorie intake.

The’ app for diet It's free for the first 3 months, then you have to pay a subscription.

This great application has already reached over to greet the 55000 download, and is currently in twelfth place in the overall free apps for Apple.

Application under supervision of the SISA, Italian Society of Food Science.

With the hope to reach the weight you want, we leave you to start your new personalized diet!

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