Microsoft buys the division of Nokia Mobile

Until a few days ago it was expected a smartphone Nokia with Android system: the quality of the last Nokia Lumia with an Android operating system would be rather attractive pairing. From today this fantasy can not be realized: Microsoft buys Nokia phones and the mark for Lumia 5,44 billion euro. Dopo l’acquisto della divisione mobile di Motorola da parte di Google, another giant like Microsoft makes its move by purchasing the Nokia's mobile division. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter 2014. About 32.000 Nokia employees will go to Microsoft, included 4.700 working in Finland.

Were Microsoft and Nokia with two separate press releases to announce the operation that will lead at Microsoft:

  • Devices and Services division of Nokia
  • the license of Nokia patents
  • the license and the use of Nokia's mapping services


Nokia will continue to follow only the divisions Nokia Siemens Network, HERE (the mapping system and navigation of Nokia) and Advanced Technologies.

The president of Nokia and Nokia CEO Risto Siilasmaa as interim after the transaction has commented in these terms the agreement: “Nokia this is an important opportunity for reinvention and from a position of financial strength we can build our next chapter. After a thorough evaluation of how to maximize value for shareholders, taking into account also a series of alternative, we believe this transaction represents the best way forward for Nokia and for its shareholders. Also, the agreement offers future opportunities for many Nokia employees as part of a company that has a strategy, financial resources and the determination to succeed in the mobile industry.”

The move of Microsoft will be able to shake up the smartphone market, and to start up a new opponent for the iPhone and Galaxy? Will be the beginning of a new monopoly Microsoft?