Microsoft Security Essentials: one of the best free antivirus

In these two years after launch (2009), Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), the free antivirus Microsoft signed, has become the second instrument of protection and security most popular – a big change for a company criticized for his handling of the Windows security.

Besides having the great advantage of being free than the virus of equal quality that are normally paid, is also a program anti-malware well-designed.
Obviously being conceived and designed by Microsoft, has a very important element on its side: unlike all the other free antivirus, integrates seamlessly with the operating system.

L'free antivirus is available for Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista e Windows 7, both 32 – and 64 bit, Microsoft Security Essentials is part of the program Windows Genuine, and can only be used on consumer PCs.

For small businesses have a derogation, and can be run on a maximum of 10 PC, while for more than ten you need to use the tools of Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection.

microsoft-security-essentials- antivirus

And very small as download, the latest beta version is 9 MB for computers 32 bit, and 11MB for e 64 bit.
Microsoft has done its best to keep MSE unobtrusive.

There is no slowdown when running, and all you see is a small icon in the system tray that indicates whether the PC is protected or not. Just press the right mouse button to start the settings and scan – with the different scans as rapid, Full or Custom.
The installation is quick and easy, and once installed, download an updated set of malware definitions from the Microsoft update server and scans your PC, before you activate the real-time protection.
This first cycle is relatively fast, and it took him five minutes on our test laptop.

A small icon in the system tray is the only sign that MSE is installed and running, and changes color depending on the risk to your PC.
Il verde è, of course, sign of a good protection while yellow indicates that it is time to run a scan.
MSE will automatically run a quick scan once a week, although we recommend that you change the default time of the scan (that is to 02:00 Sunday) in a time when we are sure that the PC is turned on.

microsoft-security-essentials antivirus

You can limit the amount of CPU that MSE will use for a scan (the default value is 50%), and you can also make sure that does not scan if you are using the PC.


We advise you to leave the active real-time protection, so you will not use as much memory, and at least will not allow you to download malware inadvertently.

The advanced options in MSE settings allow you to include in scans removable drives, to protect the flash drive as well as your hard-disk.

You can disable scanning of the archive (although you'll want to leave it on, since it is able to detect the malware even if compressed in zip).
The reporting system uses the Microsoft Active Protection Service (formerly known as Spynet). You can choose to be part of it, ma name is on fai, you will not get complete protection from MSE, as you will not be able to detect and alert the user if the software is up and running or not.