The best place to find cheap flights now under indictment and is likely to close!

Aktarer Zaman is the creator of one of the most powerful and economical search engine to find low cost flights. Thanks to its “invention” you can find cheap with a price much lower, but now a major American airline sued him for unfair competition and site to save on flights is likely to close!The young Aktarer (just 22-year-old) has discovered a way to offer customers air travel at a price much lower of all the other search engines of low-cost.
Connecting it to the site fact, the search engine uses a technique called “hidden city” the “Hidden City”: many airlines increase airfare when the city of destination of a flight is on a hub (airport) very much “required”: to reach their destination, however, very often the flight must perform a “stage” or call at another airport. But if our destination was at this airport?

The mechanism to save on the flight is precisely this. We make an example to better understand:
if in a certain period of the airport in Paris was very “gettonato” prices of paris would skyrocketing. Looking with a common search engine would be presented only flights to Paris. thinks differently: if you are looking for a flight to Paris you could propose a flight to Amsterdam with a stopover in Paris that could be much less expensive (because Amsterdam is a destination much less popular). The passenger could simply fall out of “stage” in Paris and not continue in the remaining part of flight, saving on the ticket.
The only flaw is that it can not embark checked baggage, as this would then be downloaded to the real destination city.

Discovered this “make up” apparently very trivial to save on airline flights, companies could simply better structure their fares, instead United Airlines and tour operators Orbiz have turned to justice accusing of unfair competition, with a request for 75.000 US $ sanction and the injunction to close the site.

The young Aktarer albeit not discouraged, by placing an ad on its website asking people a “help” to cope with the process. A sort of collection online (crowfunding) for a good cause.
Weigh that today this “collection online” has already reached the considerable sum of 55.000 US $ a testimony of the many users of the site concerned about having to pay more expensive prices of tickets.



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