Best Mobile Games for 2016

Enjoy gaming on your mobile? If so, you’ll love this. Here are the best mobile games so far in 2016.

Angry Birds Action

angry birds action

Incredibly, this is the thirteenth title in the popular mobile series, but Angry Birds Action exists to partner – and capitalise financially – on the 2016 Angry Birds spinoff movie with the same visuals and personalities created by Sony Pictures. This though differs from the usual, adding more of a bird’s eye view, pin ball playing style rather than the flickiness of the others in the franchise. It’s a cool and enjoyable approach a formula that was beginning to feel a little bit exhausted despite its original brilliance. It is every bit as easy to pick up and play as its predecessors and works with the same basic control system. Other than that, things are very much business as usual, give or take the odd unique objective. If criticism is to be found in the game, it is that, entirely understandably, it stays to close to the film and in doing so wanders too far astray from all the silly fun that made the thing so damn popular in the first place. In all, Angry Birds Action is a worthy, if not quite so enjoyable, member of the family.

Futurama: Game Of Drones

Futurama, the TV show that is, is an odd one. Some people believe that it is better than its sister show The Simpsons, others argue that the latter is the most successful show of all time and terminate the debate right there. Whichever way you land on the issue, the spin off mobile game of Futurama, sub titled Game Of Drones, is a pretty nifty game. It’s been done before of course for earlier generations of consoles, but never until now have game developers capitalised on its fictional universe which is loaded with witty scripts and funny characters. Even with a storyline, it’s a puzzle game rather than a narrative driven adventure but, all the same, it reassuringly stuffs itself until full with as many characters and jokes as possible, which makes all the difference. Away from the puzzles there are boss battles and bonus missions which keeps things interesting. Futurama: Game of Drones is an exciting and decent attempt to make the most of Matt Groening’s creation, filled with humour.

The Walking Dead: No Man s Land ’

Yeah, you’ve seen the TV show, you’ve read the comics and played the board game, but now it’s time to play the mobile game too. And you really should too, because this one works when not many do. Here, the creators have brilliantly fused all the best aspects of either the TV show or the source material comic books and popped out a game that manages to stay sharp despite a well-trodden genre. Ok, for pre-existing fans, you’ll be able to follow this next part. Others, will need to Google. You are a part of the nomadic gang, fresh out of Terminus and you are looking to start your new safe haven community. This is done by going out into the wild where the walkers roam, to forage for supplies and gather survivors. It’s simple to play but tough to accomplish and rewards planning your strategies pre-combat. It does radiate the same menacing atmosphere as the show and thankfully keeps its characters Rick, Michonne, Dayrll, etc. Because of the original stories, there isn’t really a way around widening the enemy pool which does become a little tiring, but is in this case understandable.

Big Fish Casino

For anyone that loves an online casino game, Big Fish Casino is one of 2016’s best. Actually, scratch that, we would argue it is this year’s best. And here’s why. If you’re searching for an online casino game for mobile devices, then here’s one that boasts a huge variety of games such as slot machines, roulette wheels, blackjack tables and hold’em poker. Something for any play money gambler, Big Fish Casino lets players enjoy a regular supply of free chips, although more are available with in-app purchases. Virtual gambling heaven.

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Stupid Zombies 3: Dying Light

Sticking with Zombies because, hey, what else is there, this next title adds a quirky funny twist to our undead friends. Actually, this plays a bit like one of the other names on the list too, Angry Birds. The third in the series, it’s fun, silly and highly addictive and contains ten new levels. Using those same touchscreen mechanics, you need to utilise your arsenal – which has increased by four new weapons from last time – to ricochet bullets around the screen in order to tear through the undead flesh of those freshly risen rotters. Basic gameplay is simple enough and you’ll pick up everything you need to know in the early levels which act as tutorials into how the game works anyway. This is good as it allows you to experiment without much fear of being eaten. Be warned though, as the levels progress they do get harder meaning you cannot waste a bullet or the damned will get you for sure. To surmise, it’s a tidy and fun little game that brings a bit of humour to the horror genre.