Who are the best tourists in the world? And the worst?

Tourists are certainly more rude Brits. And the more educated? The Japanese. And we Italians when we all ’ abroad as tourists as we considered? A recent survey has revealed how are considered tourists in many tourist destinations. Let us see the results!Jetcost company (search engine for hotels and flights) He asked hundreds of managers and employees of hotels around the world to judge customers stay in their facilities on the grounds of nationality.

Parameters for which has been asked for a judgment are: education, problems caused, cleaning, order, noise, complaints, clothing, local culture and gastronomy.

From ’ inquiry, the best tourists were the Japanese: are by far the most respectful and better behaved, absolutely silent and great adaptability: complaints and grievances by the Japanese are rather rare. Are willing to spend a lot for bedrooms and ancillary services provided by ’ hotel. Even at their checkout the room orderly is found.

Also Finns, Norwegians and Swedes are very good tourists: keep us to strive to speak only a few words of the local language, they are quiet and polite.

The Australians love because are very interested in local customs and traditions and are very open minded and this fit easily.

Also i i Canadians are well accepted because peaceful and orderly and especially because they are very generous in tipping.

The Germans are positive all round condsiderati: quite nice and quiet, except when they are in contact with ’ alcohol (beers especially) that causes a sudden change in them, turning them into noisy and his father. The Germans are appreciated because if I do well in a hotel or restaurant tend to come back frequently and to send family and friends.

Among the tourists to avoid there are the British and the French.
The British win the ranking of the worst tourists as they prove reluctant to adapt to the local culture: only speak English on the assumption that their partner can understand anything even when they talk fast; they don't appreciate local foods and drinks, except spirits that transform them into people prone to confusion, damage to the rooms. Are also judged as tourists “worst dressed”.
Even the French they are judged as misers, arrogant, rude, noisy and dirty. They also like the English speak only their own language… but the French certainly isn't as widespread as l ’ English. Demonstrate however interest in culture and gastronomy.

Always in the black-list of the worst tourists we also find Chinese because they have no interest in respecting the customs of the countries they visit, spit everywhere, and their only interest seems to be shopping. The Russians Describes how people with little taste in clothes, rude and unruly in public places, but the great aptitude to spend that saves them from all the negatives.

Even the Americans do not deviate much from the Russians and are considered among the worst tourists: heavy, very noisy, poorly educated, poorly dressed and disrespectful. Leave good tips but require American style food and not particularly appreciate the culture.

And in this ranking.. you have wondered how are seen tourists Italians abroad: second Jetcost Italians who until recently were appreciated because it invested so much for their interest in food and wine, currently about half of: not lofty as Japanese and Scandinavians but certainly not bad as British, Russian and American Chinese: interested in local food and culture of the places we visit, they dress well but are often considered poorly educated, rowdy, and utterly disinclined to give gratuities and leave the rooms tidy (from which often deprive small “souvenirs”).


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