How easily measure the electromagnetic field dangerous to your health

Often you hear of electromagnetic fields and the danger that this may have caused damage to human health and especially the baby. Today we present a simple method for check the levels of electromagnetism around you that will allow you to remove or exclude those electrical devices that may be harmful to your health and that of your loved ones.

The electric and magnetic field (EMF) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device. Power Lines, electric cables, and electrical equipment, all produce electromagnetic fields (There are also many other sources of electromagnetic fields which are not topics we will for simplicity).inquinamento_elettromagnetico

Magnetic fields are measured in units of gauss (G) o Tesla (T) but it is only recently that the measurement of these data, although not as precise and reliable professional tools, can enter the homes of all of us.

Some small premises:

You can not exclude nor say with certainty that prolonged exposure to low frequency magnetic field can have serious health consequences umana: has not reached a level of knowledge sufficiently consolidated to be able to serve as a basis for a review of safety standards. There is in any case a good perception of the extent of the health impact of this problem thanks to the studies carried out on several fronts.

There is also to assess which if confirmed to 100% the responsibility of electromagnetic fields on diseases particularly important, such as cancer or childhood leukemia, surely the world “technological” would suffer a crash and a major turning point.

Despite these little certainty, on the other hand there are safety regulations that are intended to protect individuals from consequences of exposure to potentially harmful agents such as electromagnetic waves. We must not forget that electromagnetic waves can apparently also be positive and help to cure some diseases (think for example that there would be a use of the field magnetic field in some cases to accelerate the reconstruction of bone or cartilage)


That being said, we present a couple of useful applications that you can easily install on your iPhone or Android smartphone to detect the level of electromagnetic fields around you.
And’ must specify that the readings of the values (expressed in microTesla µt) can not be considered absolutely reliable as if arising from a professional, but give us a valuable aid by recording highest peaks in correspondence of certain electrical equipment or electronic signaling us that apparatus that emits electromagnetic fields much higher than normal.

Our advice is to get rid of or turn off the equipment at which you record highs (in terms of microTesla µt): prolonged exposure to a strong electromagnetic field could lead to serious damage to health, why risk it if you ever just change the clock radio (which moreover is next to us all night) that we have with a more modern one with low emissions ?

Download this App.. and you'll make some very interesting discoveries!

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And’ necessary to emphasise that our Smartphones do not come with the presumption to measure electromagnetic fields correctly: some electromagnetic fields are not detected at all, others may generate false readings.
In any case a peak field strength at an appliance out poor shielding them or malfunction and we therefore advise you to stray from it.