Movie 360: the app to make video quality!

Quando dobbiamo girare un video con un iPhone or a ipad utilizziamo quasi sempre l’app “Fotocamera”, inserita di default in ios, but very often we happen to want to use advanced options impossible to find in the aforementioned app, then we need a secondary platform that gives us more services. Un’ottima soluzione è Movie 360, un app per iPhone and ipad di seconda o terza generazione, we propose a series of filters and utilities upon which the recording of our videos will be much more enjoyable and complete.

movie 360-1

Just open the app, immediately will notice not only the careful design of the graphical interface, but especially the wide variety of filters that allows us to apply the platform just before starting a recording.

Altre caratteristiche che sicuramente non troveremo nell’app di Apple are: the ability to pause the recording and then resume it at a later time and the management of the zoom, up to 4x, with the buttons arranged.

Movie 360-2

One thing I immediately noticed is that the app defaults to a low quality and resolution to 360p, liquids if we want to change these parameters we will be forced to bring us here and in the Settings section to set your preferences.

Movie 360-3

Once we finished our video save on the system library or import it on your PC / Mac, through a URL that will give us the same app, and we're going to view through a web browser.

Movie 360 è disponibile per iPhone, iPad 2/3 ° there and iPod Touch.

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Evaluation: 4+
Version: 0.9.9