Mozilla Firefox version releases 15: even lighter and with many new features for Android!

Mozilla Firefox has just released version number 15 of its popular browser Desktop (in fact even the version 15 dedicated to Android is available, more on that later) and innovations implemented are varied and very interesting.


Let's start looking perhaps most important of Firefox 15, namely that related to memory management: Now Firefox is much more powerful and able to better manage the consumption of RAM tied to its plugin and enforcement of the browser in general.


As for the other news, it is worth mentioning that Firefox 15 is the first version of the Mozilla web browser to include native support for viewing PDF files, and also presents an update, and related support, the network protocol SPDY version 3.


Also, latest version of the Red Panda are also linked to an improvementWebgl, the new JavaScript debugger integrated development tools, improvements to the new design tool that allows web developers to quickly switch from mobile to desktop view sites, the New Inspector and many improvements and better support a tag HTML5.


firefox 15 android

Regarding Firefox 15 for Android, instead, The Mozilla team has implemented a new native user interface Tablet, including a faster startup and a beautiful new bar. Among other new features include the advanced search nell'AwesomeBar Firefox, ONE better management of the data that will end with a simple tap, bookmarks and history can now be imported from the stock browser via settings, there is now the possibility of request a site in desktop mode directly from the menu, make a research on the current page and has also been implemented Support the network protocol SPDY v3.


Oltre ai tanti supporti e alla maggiore integrazione con HTML5, the last two New in Firefox 15 per Android riguardano l’introduzione delle opzioni stay, recovery and cancellation aggiunte al download manager, ed in più sarà ora possibile delete specific types of personal information from the Settings.


Mozilla Firefox 15 è disponibile al download per Windows, Linux and Mac OS X the this page, mentre se volete installarlo su Android potete andare nel Google Play Store oppure utilizzate il seguente link sottostante.


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