Because the book is filled with photos of Mr Bean in Whatsapp? E 'and virus?

Because the phonebook of WhatsApp was filled with contacts with the photo of Mr.. Bean? And’ a bug? A virus? They're all crazy?
If you're asking these questions, evidently none of your friends will launched the riddle demented and that is all the rage on the popular viral messaging system Whatsapp.

Riddle viral? And’ a virus the riddle of WhatsApp with Mr.. Bean?

This is not a virus: the riddle is considered viral because of its “broadcast” that spreads like wildfire in touch contact. To Unlike viruses though the”infection” is not uncontrolled, but desired by the users themselves who have obviously enjoyed and had fun with the riddle and they do it to all their contacts.
V assure oltrettutto.. that if you have fun in receiving it.. will be even more fun to see how they will respond your friends!

Set the photos of Mr Bean in WhatsApp is simply a pledge, a punishment for failing to correctly answer a simple riddle. The photo is not automatically set, The user is that with sportsmanship “admits” he was beat and sets autonomy in the photo of the famous British comedian, taking one at random from the internet or .. putting one that you will want to send him to spare yourself the effort!
The rules of the game say that the photo should be held for 24 hours.

Here is the message text you will need to send to your friends:

Let's play!! If you play and lose, Be sporty and do as you're told. If your answer is wrong, you'll change your photo profile Whatsapp in Mr.. Bean for 24 h.
Then, 're sleeping. All 7 in the morning you hear the bell ... unexpected guests. Your friends came for breakfast. Hai gragole, honey, nutella and cheese. What open before?”

From this moment onwards the folly of people will lead to responses of each type.
On a hundred items which we have tried, the response was more gettonata “nutella” (I wonder why!)
Then come the answers “brilliant” such as:

  • the porta
  • I do not wake
  • I do not hear the bell
  • I open the window to throw a bucket of water
  • I open the dog to tear them

and other responses that we can not publish for reasons of propriety :)

Photo Mr.. Bean per WhatsAppThe fact is that hardly anyone who does not know the game will give you the correct answer.
Want to know what's the correct answer? Scroll down to article.. (we do not write directly here to give way to think about the answer!)

We assure you that although there is rather trivial, always brings fun, and your friends will not wait long to put the photo of Mr.. Bean on WhatsApp.
We recommend that you send to your contacts the photo that will put together the correct answer to remove them the effort of searching for photos (that might let them forget penance..). The most common is the one on the side, that you can save to send to your contacts.

Be Sports!

The correct answer to the question.. is the title of this article wikipedia:
(that we do not write directly on this page to enable you to think a little’ the correct answer)