Finally now for free and legal music on the internet, thanks to the founder of Megaupload

Finally someone has thought, and in a few months you will hear free music legally online and without risking nothing. It's called Megabox, was devised by Kim Dotcom, you will recognize them all as the creator and founder of the predeccesore Megabox, Megaupload.

The new service will arrive by the end of the year, and allow us to listen to music for free without prejudice to the artists, because they guadegnaranno on advertising revenues added to the site from one song to the other.

“This is what I do not want you to have. Artists and fans without chains”, Dotcom writes in relation to the link between musicians and record companies, according to his judgment, penalize the dissemination of music.

Let's see the video presentation released a few days ago: