Myo: the bracelet that will revolutionize our lives?

It's called Myo and promises to revolutionize our daily. It seems like a simpleEC bracelet, actually promises great things! Can control with simple intuitive gestures PC, Mac, Android iOS devices, TV, MP3 players and many other devices!

His videos of presentation really leaves you breathless, almost to be in the movie Minority Report.
Let's talk about MYO, a revolutionary bracelet (actually looks more like an arm band) able read the movements of our muscles (via electrical impulses, based on the same concept used for electromyography) ie associate them with preset commands with which you can remotely control the vast majority of electronic devices.

Compatible with OS X, Windows,ios and Android, MYO takes advantage of the connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 to issue orders from simple how to adjust the volume, manage your own playlist or change the channel, until it turns into a real virtual controller.

To be clear, just as happens with the Kinect Microsoft's, but without the aid of any camcorder.

The wearable electronic devices transform our lives in the everyday.

We saw a few days ago the great revolution introduced by Google with Google Glass ( Here you can read the article submission), Now we move to another gadget wearable devised by American Thalmic startup Labs.

myo_1Myo you can simply move your finger up or down to scroll through the pages of a pc, close them and make them snap to start playback of a video / song, rotate the arm with a virtual knob to increase the volume of what you see or hear, raise a hand to block the reproduction.

Think, For example you can make a slide presentation of work, draw lines or focus the attention of your audience by simply moving an arm or gesturing almost naturally.

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, Myo will be in trade at the end of 2013 and is already booked at the official website of the company at a cost of 149 dollars all'idirizzo

The merit of neo Thalmic Labs was to have been able to record a series of electrical pulses on the basis of our movements to then translate in thousands of digital commands.

myo_4In the specific, says Stephen Lake, one of the founders of the startup, "When you move your hands also use the muscles of the forearm that our, activating and contracting, produce microvolt electrical activity. Using the technique of electromyography, which provides information on the muscles at rest and during voluntary motor activity, the sensors placed inside the device have the ability to amplify of thousands of times the signal recording, sending it through a processor chip that performs machine learning algorithms. Myo, connected wirelessly (exploiting the system bluetooth 4.0), will allow us to interact with remote computers, Games, the latest generation of phones and household appliances.


The look even more amazing, grants Lake, is a kind of 'symbiosis' that arises with the use of the device over time. In other words: As the appliance is worn, improves its sensitivity in recognizing our gestures through electrical impulses, and thus the precision in the interaction with the technology involved.

myo_3For now, the band is able to use electrical impulses limited to gestures of hands and arms. But more advanced versions of this bracelet could offer endless possibilities in the near future. Just think of all that we can do every day in different activities just by touch. "If we could gather in electric models all possible movements we make with the arts, even every daily action, to record them and insert them into a single device wearable digital, we could imagine to remotely control any type of activity and function ".

They are convinced to the point Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey e Aaron Grant, the three founders of Thalmic Labs, as he had already decided to release the API, or of open application programming interfaces, for all developers of iOS and Android which from now on will want to experiment with, build and commercialize drug applications for the improvement of the controller. "The idea is to create a platform for the creation of ideas that we can not yet imagine, helping us to discover all the possible uses of Myo ".


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