He was born in Japan “Social Sos”, via Twitter you will be able to call emergency numbers

That social networks have now invaded our lives irreversibly is not nothing new. But that, one day not too far, with a simple Tweet you can even call the emergency numbers, This also goes beyond the expectations of the most ardent supporters of the universe populated by tweets and all other forms of sharing.

L'idea, needless to say, comes from the Japan, where the use of status update or Twitter proved to be of great use during the devastating March 11 earthquake 2011, when a violent shock struck off the east coast of the Asian country. The devastation, then, continued by the tremendous tsunamithat struck the region of Sendai, causing almost all of the approximately 15 thousand dead.

118 Twitter GiapponeThe tragedy, As is well known, also followed the nuclear disaster power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, with mass evacuations and effects are not yet fully calculated. An apocalyptic situation, especially in the days immediately following the event, where, also in the districts of Tokyo the inhabitants were in a panic. The connections were interrupted, the telephone lines overloaded and many neighborhoods found themselves without for whole days of the main services, water included.

In the chaos that followed those terrible moments, many important indications for emergency teams arrived from their tweet and the appeals in the network social network, they gave to authorities information in real time on the most critical areas. Here, therefore, that, as in many cases happens, by the reaction to a state of crisis, born revolutionary insight that can be. And the idea is just to connect rescue first responders to Twitter account, where you can ask for the dispatch of an ambulance without even having to pick up the phone.

Just send the request for help by entering the corresponding hashtag. In the extreme case of disasters such as what happened last year, the experts suggest, eg, #survived - survived - to invoke the rescue. With the position detection that all of the latest generation of smartphones allow, by contradiction, might be superfluous also indicate the exact coordinates where there sitrova: just see the point from which it was launched social sos e the Ambulanz Potro precipitarsi, perhaps following the path suggested by Google maps.

In Japan, the number that responds to requests for assistance is the 119: apparently the ItWorld site, the vertices of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, a sort of civil defense employed by the government, hanno aperto un tavolo per predisporre un sistema efficiente e rapido di emergency, with the involvement of some local managers representing Yahoo!, Twitter and some sites of the Rising Sun. The amount of data to manage it would be very impressive, but the spirit of the Japanese and their stubbornness, demonstrated in the months following the earthquake, lasciano presagire che ci sia quantomeno spazio per una experimentation.

Dopo la The Arab spring, who proved to the world as the power of social networks has really the ability to mobilize a people and overthrow regimes, now sharing websites may even be replacing the phone for common requests for help. Naturally, not all the world is Japan in terms of technology. To reach the goal of linking the ambulance to a Twitter account available 24 hours 24, is a necessary 'digital education nella quale ad esempio l’Italia va a rilento, especially in the adult population, let alone in the elderly, which represents the largest share of citizens and that, of course, sarebbe il target maggiormente coinvolto da un simile stravolgimento. Anyhow, di fronte a notizie come questa non c’è più da stupirsi se al mondo “virtuale” può bastare a simple click per porre rimedio agli imprevisti della vita reale.