Nicki Minaj Lancia “Pink Friday” and reevaluates Obama

Nicki Minaj announced the launch of its new perfume “Pink Friday” (the name already says a lot!), in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden , known cosmetics company that has also launched the scents of Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Hilary Duff and Elizabeth Taylor.

The name comes from her Pink Friday debut album and sequel, and is a fruity fragrance with vanilla flavor, a mix to create “an exhilarating trail that goes beyond the senses” declares Minaj, and then still ” Pink Friday is a celebration of my life right now; reflects me as creator of the perfume and expresses me as a woman. I'm sure my fans will appreciate my perfume, the particular design of the bottle and the vibrant colors of the pack. Pink Friday shows my style and my personality and I find it intriguing to be able to hear my voice in a different dimension. I was totally involved in this project that I wanted to first of all strabiliasse me then all my fans”.

nicki minaj

The African-American artist also stated that for the bottle of the perfume on the other hand wanted a reproduction of his face, her mouth and her hair. The arrival of fragrance in stores is expected shortly, a modest fee that goes from 22 a 59 dollars.

But for the star these days there have also been some unpleasant episodes, concerning the U.S. policy. Recently, in a Mixtape colleague Lil Wayne (“Dedication 4”), Minaj has declared “a Republican who supports Romney”, thus giving his support to rival presidential candidate Obama. This has sparked the ire of many of his dissent and similar African Americans.

Meanwhile,, did not care instead of Barack Obama, that in a recent radio interview downplayed saying not to take too seriously Minaj because it is a bizarre character who likes to play different roles.

But Minaj now plans to resolve the situation by stating that what was said in the song “Mercy” it was just a provocation and that certainly will vote for the reelection of Barack Obama.


In my opinion, Minaj must be careful to scrambling, his bosses are not the most suitable for the sport.