Nokia makes fun of Apple with an official post on Twitter

A few hours after the presentation by Apple's new iPhone 5 c, Nokia comes out with an official post on Twitter making fun of Apple and the presentation of its new smartphone.It is not the first time that Nokia, the big Swedish giant the mobile industry which was recently purchased by Microsoft, 'mail Tweet “sympathetic” against Apple.
This is the tweet of Nokia @ nokia_uk :



Literally translated into Italian: “Imitation is the best form of flattery

Nokia refers undoubtedly the tone of your colors chosen for the new iPhone 5 c: as you can see in the picture below.. the colors are actually very similar!

iPhone 5 colors

And’ also true that Nokia has certainly not been to invent those colors.. which have become, however, over time thanks to an icon of the brand nokia Lumia.
Of course, the new iPhone 5C is not as cheap as the Lumia, but the specifications are definitely higher.

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Nokia has not ignored even prestentazione of iPhone 5S with another tweet sympathetic:


Literally translated into Italian: “The real gangsters do not use phones golden” referring to the new color of the iPhone 5S which you can see below:
iPhone Gold

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