ScAPPergories Revolution: Most played the puzzle has always, now available on Facebook and on your smartphone!

Do you remember the game ScAPPergories? The one you used to play as a child on paper? Well, just what, Now you can go to have fun, spend your leisure time and challenge all your friends with this fun puzzle through iPhone, Android and Facebook!

Names and cities things is the first game that allows you to win real prizes playing, you can play both offline and challenge yourself, or in Methods multiplayer, and challenge all your Facebook friends and not only!

Another positive thing is that you can forget the long waits to play, where you make the request and wait for notification of when someone is available to play with you, with Names and Places City Revolution the maximum waiting time for each tournament is only 90 seconds maximum.


All this, and as if that was not enough the winner of each tournament will receive a prize!

Soon will come the update to the app from your smartphone, which will introduce other useful features, let us see what:

  • One on one style Ruzzle with your friends
  • The introduction of special items, where the letter changes each category (this is. And with Pets, Cities with the G,etc.)
  • New hilarious categories

The game is also to complete the objectives to make the puzzle more interesting and enjoyable; is currently 10 Instead of the most downloaded app in the overall standings and the Italian 6 place the most downloaded games.



ScAPPergories Revolution Madbit Entertainment Category: Games, Word Games, Board Games, Entertainment
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 3.2

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