“Do not disturb” by iPhone: Guide to best use

Mode “do not disturb” iPhone is very useful and very often is not used to best. If not properly configured the ringtone iPhone will not work with incoming calls. A very short and simple guide will help you to use this very useful function to the best!The activation mode “do not disturb” on the iPhone is indicated by the symbol of a crescent moon in the notification bar higher, on the right part, next to the battery:nondisturbare_suoneria_iphone

The iPhone ringtone does not work – The iPhone does not ring!

Pay attention to the symbol shown in the image: very often it is not Disturb active mode that does not allow the iphone to play the ringtone when someone calls you, or when you do not hear incoming notifications.

Exactly, what is the mode “do not disturb” by iPhone?

Mode “do not disturb” by iPhone, when active, prevents you from being disturbed by incoming notifications, SMS or Call.

What is the difference between the mode “do not disturb” and mode “silent” by iPhone?

Mode “silent” iPhone has to be clear that that is activated by pressing the button the physical side, above the volume control. Turn the mode “silent” Your device notifies you of incoming calls, notifications, SMS just by turning on the screen or possibly with the vibration (if you have it enabled).

Mode “do not disturb” instead, is much more “intelligent”: You decide if you want to receive notifications or calls, and especially by those who.

It entrate in “settings” / “Do not disturb” In fact, you can choose:

Manual: manually activate the do not disturb. Has the same effect of the button “Luna” you find “raising” bottom curtain, exactly where do you find buttons to toggle wi-fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, etc..: Activation-not-disturb

Programmed: You can choose which automatically on certain days of the week and at certain times the phone automatically enters “do not disturb” and above all how you turn to another time. For example, a classical setting by ’’01:00 All 07:00 (in this way, in this time the phone will enter automatically in “do not disturb”.

Allow calls to: Here you can specify whether, when the iphone have the Mode “do not disturb” active, by those who wish to receive calls. For example, if you specify “all”, this mode will have no influence on incoming calls. If you select “None”, no incoming calls will be notified with ring tones or vibrations.
Very interesting is the ability to accept calls only from a specific group of contacts from your contacts or favorites.
For example you can put your favorite contacts between family members and accept calls only from their (non mai…)
Disabling mode “do not disturb” for calls (thus specifying “all”) You can use this mode simply not to receive notifications of various apps or incoming email!

Repeated calls: If you have blocked calls, Enabling this option, if the person who is calling you, after finding the first line unattainable, calls you back within three minutes, the phone will ring.

In silent mode: if you activate the check on “Only while iPhone is locked”, if you are playing, if you have the phone in hand unlocked, Silent Mode, although activated, will not be operational.


Some important notes when you have the mode “do not disturb” active on the iPhone:

  • When you block calls, Your iPhone will not vibrate, will not play, not turn on the screen. The call will be automatically rejected. Who is calling you, hear your phone ringing (even if you do not feel) then the fall line.
  • Therefore you will not notice that someone is calling you. You will see the missed call just by unlocking the screen.
  • You will also receive the notifications by Facebook, WhatsApp or other, but they will be completely silent and the screen will be accessed.
  • The alarm, as in silent mode, remains active: also with mode “do not disturb” active, the alarm sounds, rest assured!