“I don't like it” on Facebook: Zuckerberg thinks better!

Since the news of the apparition of button “I don't like it” on Facebook He made an appearance, millions of members per social network number 1 in the world have started to divide between excited and absolutely opposed. The button “I don't like it” on Facebook will be introduced? Zuckerberg just yesterday during an interview he expressed his point of view. What will change in Facebook?Mark Zuckerberg, had first launched the news of the introduction of button “I don't like it” on Facebook, then go over it again with a series of considerations which most of the audience had definitely not thought.

From the first moments Mark Zuckerberg had expressed the need to introduce a useful button not so much to express his contempt, but more than anything else to express empathy, complicity or compassion for someone who is sharing something sad. Something to express in words a feeling of closeness.
nonmipiaceFor example: If your friend publishes a State where writes that she lost her job, many users put “like” not having additional buttons to do figure out who read the news.. but in reality the “like” It would have been out of place.
What Mark is just a button for express proximity.

zuckerberg_facebookThis will not be a trivial “I don't like it” and for this reason it is discussing the icon and the text you want to appear on the new button.
It seems therefore that the Italian version, the text will not be translated with “I don't like it” but with “I'm sorry” It has a completely different meaning.

"I don't want to," said Zuckerberg – turning Facebook into a Permanent Survey”: by adding a simple button “I don't like it” the social Network would become immediately a survey site from which companies could seize the fundamental marketing data, and where especially unfair campaigns they would aim to put “I don't like it” competitive products.

Even at the political level, Facebook could become a sort of war between candidates with a count of “I like” and “I don't like it”.

For this reason Mark Zuckerberg announced that the eventual release of the button “Dislike” will be limited to only those users ' posts, you will not be able to express their “dislike” on the pages.

A kind of brand protection: many companies if they receive too many nightmare “I don't like it” could think of not to advertise their products on Facebook.

Another thing not to forget is the algorithm that decides which posts show up on our bulletin board: reasoning with a button “I don't like it”, This algorithm should avoid showing users that post we have many affibiato “I don't like it”.. but the new words of Zuckerberg do about-face. Instead of being a button “I'm sorry” should have a positive influence on the: expressing my “proximity” to a person means that I care about this person's posts, continuing to show me his posts.