News Gmail Google: how to activate the new version of GMail!

Google is changing the interface of its excellent service Gmail email introducing a big news. The new version is characterized by the introduction of categories in which the messages are carefully broken down:Home, Social, Promotions, Forums updates and to allow us to have a more simplified vision of our Gmail.
With the passage of time our e-mail is filled with dozens and dozens of e-mails. Without taking into account the spam already beautifully managed by Gmail, are really so many messages we receive every day if we have a life “Online” full. They range from Facebook notifications, promotional offers from sites like Groupon, Groupalia.. or promotions on new app, site updates and much more.

These mail notification can be useful, but at the same time can distract us when we need to check without wasting too much time, the presence of important messages.

Gmail cannot detect with precision the messages that you receive every day to see if it comes from social sites notifications, messages from friends, promotional offers and receipts.
The new update Gmail so help us to keep tidy the mailbox in an almost automated.

Simply dragging the e-mail messages in the various tabs, help Google learning where we want it to automatically move the mail.

Here you can see a short video demonstration (IN ENGLISH) about the new features introduced by Google for Gmail:

This feature is already available and we can turn it in a very simple way.

To get the same updates in even the iPhone and Andorid we will have to wait a little longer '.
We recommend you try these new updates, also Periche at any time you can go back and get back your classic email box.

How to activate the new version of Gmail

Activate the new features of Gmail with tabs is very simple. Log into your Gmail account from any web browser and click on the gear settings, positioned in the top right:



Now select the cards you want to activate. We recommend you to activate all cards.
Although not taken the service forum on the net, you can use this tab to store other kinds of e-.
Remember that any time you can hide tabs.

Gmail tabs


Remember to check the box “Include special messages in the Main”, this will allow you to have the most important messages (Special) directly in the first tab, the principale, one that opens by default to your access to Gmail.

Pressing the button “Salvo” you will get a message confirming the authorization to the new functions.

You will be repositioned in your inbox, where at the top you will see the division into boards, and your e-mail messages already divided among the various folders:




Remember that you can drag messages from one tab to another: In this way Google will know where to place the next messages similar to those that have moved.

Good .. cleaning!