The all new iOS 7 iPhone at a glance!

The innovations introduced by Apple during the WWDC 2013 there are so many. Let's see what are the main new features of iOS 7 iPhone in a very simple way.And’ good to say that we were a little’ disappointed by this update. Apple unveiled “over 100” changes in iOS 7; probably less than we had been expecting.. but we were hoping for something more substantial, both graphic and user exerience.
Many of the expectations of which we spoke earlier of WWDC were dashed. This is certainly a style update, with new icons and bright colors, different tools that were only available on cidya with unlocked iPhones (jailbreak) were “adopted” also from Apple, but if you expect a total revolution will be disappointed.

Design and layout of the new iOS 7

Jony Ive redesigned at the level of layout the new iOS 7 The effect is more clean and based on a graphic rather “round”.
The icons are simpler and pià brilliant colors and design could be defined milimalista.
Great enthusiasm from Apple talking about the introduction of the ability to insert an animated background (such as the Weather animation of the app that will show you the weather in a dynamic way according to the area where you are). (in Android devices this feature has been available for some time).

ios 7 iPhone layout

The icons have a 3D effect thanks to the animation dynamic background, that moves favoring the movements of your iPhone: tilting the background will move, making it appear “suspended” icons.
Handsome as a background effect by setting a panoramic photo, you might “flow” inclinando l’iPhone

Both the keyboard windows and other services become translucent with a blurred effect in the background.
Modified the'Interfaccia del multitasking (but not the basic functionality)
In folders you can now enter an unlimited number of applications and the display is in “list” so you can scroll

Multitasking in iOS7

Improved multitasking, now more real: allows you to really keep active applications, even when we're not using. Apple says that this will not have a big impact on battery.
Double-clicking the home button we will see the background app with new graphics that allow you to view a preview of the application.

ios 7 iPhone multitasking

Notification Center in iOS7 – turn on and off WiFi and BlueTooth

It will be finally possible on iPhone and iPad enable and disable WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and more without having to go through the menu settings. These commands will in fact be introduced in center notifications, along with many other “switches” Customizable.
Also introduced the possibility of having app icons for quick access.

ios 7 iPhone notifiche

Safari in iOS 7

Restyle also for Safari, with a search bar aligned to the address (Chrome style), full-screen mode and displaying new pagin open

ios 7  iPhone Safari

iTunes Radio

In the application we have the new music streaming service Apple iTunes Radio.
It is a sort of Spotify or Deezer from Apple for music streaming.

Siri in iOS 7

The changes are both graphic (Siri also the window becomes translucent) that functional, with the introduction of a more natural voice (now only in English) and integration with _Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter.
Siri can also enable / disable functions that are currently accessible only by menu setting with a new mode “drive” (already present in the devices Androdi)

ios 7 iPhone Siri


Camera on iOS 7

In addition to the cosmetic upgrades of little account, you can now apply filters on the photos, while also maintaining the original version

ios 7  iPhone fotocamera

ios 7 will be available to all from September. As of today you can install iOS 7 in beta version but fully functional. To find out how to install iOS 7 on the iPhone from today, Our read this article:
Install the update to iOS 7 Beta on iPhone 5, 4And S 4: leadership

What do you think of iOS 7 ?