What's new in iTunes and the new iPod

Apple loves to create products for music: like iPod and iTunes. Eddy Cue takes the stage of Apple's KeyNote 12 th September, immediately after the presentation dell'iPhone5 to illustrate the news, announcing that iTunes music store is the number 1 the world, available in 63 countries in the world.

News itunesIn recent years there has emerged a new trend: two-thirds of downloads coming from iOS devices, then iTunes has been redesigned for these devices with a new design. It was also redesigned the look of the App Store, where Facebook fits perfectly. You can hear a preview of the music while you surf, research results have been improved.


20:05 – The 19 September will be available iOS 6 with all the news, along with a new version of iTunes. Design changes, with a feature called "in the store" linked to each artist: you can see the most popular songs and albums. You can scroll through your library by artist, with the possibility of sharing images of the artists. Now you can see your entire library as you add songs to a single playlist.

Look for the songs in the new interface is even easier, thanks to a small pull-down menu.

20:11 – Is now displayed the design of iTunes miniplayer, that allows you to manage playlists and upcoming songs will feel. iCloud is now deeply integrated into iTunes.

There is also talk of movies, over that of music. The store is now very similar to the desktop version for iOS, with a more clean and easy to navigate between books, applications, film, music etc.

20:14 – Back Eddy Cue that explains how the new iTunes will be available at the beginning of October. It's time to Greg Joswiak, speaking of the iPod, the "most popular music player with 350 million units sold in the world ". It's time to make some new players to the line of iPod nano and it starts from that, after six generations, must be reinvented.

20:16 – The new iPod nano features a larger display, with improved controls, reduced weight and dimensions and connector Lightning. It seems a very small phone. This is the thinnest iPod nano ever created: 5.4mm thick, the 38% thinner than in the past, physical controls to one side of the device and a single Home button like on the iPhone. Obviously is integrated multitouch. It will be available in seven bright colors. The FM radio is integrated and you can view video, and use the pedometer app for fitness. It was also added Bluetooth. The battery is the strongest ever used in an iPod.

20:18 – Even the iPod touch has been updated. We speak not only of the most popular music player, but also an important tool for game with 175 thousand games available. The new generation, fifth, is just 6.1mm thick, almost as thin as the nano. It is the thinnest and lightest iPod touch created so far: just 88 grams, with anodized aluminum body and display identical to the iPhone 5, therefore wider. The chip on board is an Apple A5. the processor is dual core and is two times faster than in the past, to allow an even better game experience. The battery was also improved on this model of player, allowing listening to 40 hours of music continue.

nuovo iPod

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The onboard camera shoots at 5 megapixel camera with backlight, landscape mode, led Flash, autofocus, sapphire glass lens and all the innovations introduced in iPhone 5. The new iPod thanks to the powerful processor that mounts you will also impose as a game console.

20:29 – Introduces the iPod touch Loop, a strap that allows you to comfortably use your iPod touch safe grip. Also in this case we find FaceTime HD 720p display with backlight and face recognition. The wireless capabilities of the iPod touch has been improved and there has been brought AirPlay Mirroring. First, even the iPod touch has Siri. The iPod touch will be available in five different colours coordinated with Loop.

20:32 – Speaking of speakers and headphones. The challenge is to create headphones that go well for everyone and are of very good quality, then come the EarPods, headphones on which Apple was concentrated 3 years. The design of the earphones looks very interesting and is designed to bring the sound perfectly in your ear.

20:36 – The EarPods will be available in the Store as an accessory from today.


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iPod Shuffle: 49 dollars.
iPod nano: 149 dollars.
iPod touch fourth generation: 199 16GB and dollars 249 32 dollars.
Fifth-generation iPod touch: 299 32GB and dollars 399 from 64 GB.

The new nano and touch will be available in October.

20:39 – Tim Cook summarizes all that has been presented today, between iPods, iPhone and news from the software side.

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