Novità KitKat 4.4: the new operating system Android.

Kitkat was presented to the public on Thursday 31 October 2013 through an official Google without major events to which we have become accustomed Apple. Kitkat 4.4 it is in fact a “minor release” Therefore, a version of Android that has no outside influence but introduces some interesting features. Let's see what's new in Android Kitkat 4.4 It is mostly for performance improvements, battery life, without changing anything graphically, except for some interesting trick.

Vocale command “Ok Google”

The most interesting is the command vocale “Ok Google”, that as with the Moto X will allow us to access the server Google Voice Now to be able to do any kind of search using the services exterminated owners of the company. Unlike the Motorola smartphones, however, its Android 4.4 Kitkat the interesting feature will be activated only nalla home Home, Google proprietary application or as current Android devices do not have a specific processor to handle these requests: listen on the sentence “OK Google” in every situation would result in a reduction in performance.

Hangouts integrated in messaging

The service Hangouts is already inserted generic within the app for messaging, in order to have all messages with your contacts in one place. There are also novelty within Contact, in which the most widely used shall be arranged in a more easily accessible and is also redesigned the dialer.


The Emoji, will be available in standard keyboards and can be included in all applications, not just in those prepared. On Android 4.4 Kitkat
Emoji KitKat Android


Media Player

Now images of the cover of the album will be the backdrop to the music player
lettore multimediale novità KitKat Android

Hidden commands in full screen

While reading books, texts, navigation, commands will be hidden and the app will run in full screen. With the simple swipe moves you can highlight the commands

Multitasking improved and speeded up in KitKat

With KitKat multitasking is definitely improved: through optimization of memory, was made immediate response to touches and closing applications

Improved address book

With KitKat contacts can be displayed based on the priority: can be shown for the first contact most frequently used, keeping track over which calls, even hangouts, messages and emails

Information on the calling number

When you receive a call from a number that you have in your address book, KitKat will look for the number in a public directory and Google in the list of businesses, displaying the information on the call screen:
informazioni chiamante novità KitKat Android

Printing enhancements Android

Now you can print from any application, although no specific support for your printer via Google Cloud Print interface, And any HP ePrint printer has an app dedicated Play in Market

Integration with Google Drive

By applications such as Google Quickoffice, you can open and save files directly from Google Drive and other cloud systems (such as Dropbox). Even will also appear in the list of recent documents files from the cloud.

Quickoffice pre-installed in KitKat

KitKat has also integrated QuickOffice, the product suite for Microsoft Office compatible (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc..) will now be nativament esupportata from Android KitKat

Redesigned downloads app in KitKat

The app that shows you everything that you downloaded with your Android device has been redesigned with a better chance of filters, systems and different views

Possibility to change launcher in KitKat

Now you can change launcher (the app that handles the entire look and feel of your device such as Facebook Home) very fast pù directly from the menu “settings” -> home screen.
Cambio launcher Android 4.4 Android

Application Update Email

The e-mail app to manage emails in KitKat has finally been completely redesigned: improvements in navigation, photos of contacts and ability to create and manage subfolders (nested folders).

Foto con HDR

The new devices like the Nexus 5 exploit the HDR technique (HDR improved) to get better picture quality by making pictures more vivid daytime and in the evening is limited disorder

Management infrared remote controls

KitKat now introduces native support for infrared sensor control your TV and other devices in the devices that integrate sensors Infrared IR.