Here's a preview of the new graphics Facebook!

Facebook is starting the distribution of new graphical interface, which sees the introduction of several changes. The new graphics will soon be activated for all, let us see the news preview!

When Facebook activate the new graphics on your profile you will receive a notice like this: “Less clutter, more news.” – “The News section has a whole new look.”
The pop-up will appear only at the first access after the activation of new graphics:

new facebook popup

Finished loading the popup will start a wizard, a sort of guide that will teach you to make the best use New features in Facebook.

In case you've missed it.. I will again here below to demonstrate to all, even to those who will have to wait a bit ', the novelty of the new user interface of Facebook:

new_facebook_1The first novelty introduced by Facebook consists of the introduction at the top right of a box where you can quickly filter the type of news you want to see. This is not a real news for Facebook: the section was moved and only made more visible and accessible.

Facebook filter newsClicking for example on “Photos” you will see an overview of the photos posted by your friends.

In this section you will find below “collapsed” as you can see in the image on the right: you will have to click on it to be able to expand.

The second new feature of Facebook is in the left sidebar. All the main features and sections are grouped here in sinstra, a powder’ in the style dell'App Facebook for iPhone.new_facebook_2new_facebook_chat


Here you will find groups, events, them photo, but also see the list of friends who contact more often and see if they are online.

Even the chat is placed in this bar, bottom of the screen.
A search field allows you to search easily among friends available to chat, and a button-shaped gear (shown in the side) lets you quickly change the settings of the Facebook chat.



The third big news of Facebook is in the search bar which is greater relevance.
The bar appears more ambles, and ready to accommodate the new Facebook Graph Search: the new search engine that Facebook has much talked, almost trying to compete with Google. (the feature is not yet active).

For more details we talked about in this article: How to enable Facebook Graph Search



What should be the big news of Facebook instead, the nuova Timeline, has not been released yet, probably due to the ongoing legal contoversia these days between Facebook and the company that patented the brand “Timeline” several years ago. We will keep you updated!

Here's a full preview of what it looks like Facebook news page updated with new graphics: