New Emoticons for your states in Facebook

Facebook is testing out some users of the new emoticons. It is not the simple Smilies Facebook we already know, but images to highlight their own states.

It is in fact emoticons (or icons , thumbnails) representing the states, places, objects.

You shall not use freely as the smilies and special symbols which we have already discussed in this article: “Smilies ツ ♛ and special symbols in Facebook ⓃⒺⓌ”, but only in status updates.

Thea chance to enter the new emoticons will be represented by a new placemark right next to the link and include geolocation or a new photo. Will be represented by a small smile with the indication” News: Share your mood or what you are doing”

Clicking on the small icon, will take you to the various categories of smilies and emoticons Facebook as:

  • drinking..
  • eating..
  • watching..
  • making..

For each of these categories are associated with a number of emoticons. For example, if you click on “eating..” a series of icons to represent different kinds of foods.

If you are in the cinema you can for example select “looking to ...” and there will appear a list up-to-date movies.

And’ quite clear that more than one facility for end user ’, all this translates into a big new source of revenue for the largest social network in the world. Companies can for example be present in the official list of emoticons..

Let's see the details of how it should look the new management of emoticons Facebook





How do I feel?facebook_faccine1










The Nuote emoticons will be available only in status updates, not in the comments.

The function will have to be extended to a large proportion of users U.S.. before landing in Italy.