New funny video Nokia: the war between iPhone and Android has a new competitor!

The official YouTube channel of the Windows Phone releases new video “provocation”: in the war between iPhone and Android is winner (obviously according to Windows) the new Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 for its innovative features of the camcorder!The war between the giants iPhone and Android seems to have a new competitor that has recently pointed out in a competitive market: the new Nokia Lumia 920.

Thanks to its optical image stabilizer (non-digital as for competitors), the camera 8 PureView mp technology, and thanks to a refined management software of the camera for both video photographs that, it seems that the results of the images and videos taken with the camera of the new Nokia Lumia 920 succeed in “spread” competition.

The Nokia Lumia 920 was elected Smartphone of the year by the readers of “Engadged”

Let's see the video!