New event on Facebook 15 January: arrival in the new smartphone Facebook?

Facebook sets a event for the next 15 January when Zuckerberg will reveal some important innovations in the mobile arena. Here are the most reliable rumors about products secrets of Facebook.

The 15gennaio Facebook will hold a presentation of “something” very mysterious, All 19 time Italian.

Facebook PhoneThe assumptions are among the most diverse: on all, the most likely is that the elusive Smartphones branded Facebook, that the social network would be made with the manufacturer Htc. But the phone itself is a hypothesis disproved in the past by the founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Yet, recently the U.S. company has worked closely with some phone companies, and hired staff in the industry, including some engineers from Apple. But for now, is kept absolutely secret, although the development of the telephone industry has certain.

Another hypothesis is that the presentation of new voice services offered by Facebook Messenger, the approach that Facebook currently allows VoIP to send voice messages for free but that will soon allow us to make free calls to our friends over the internet. For more information on the new features of Facebook Messenger'll want to read our article.

Soon update the article indicating how to watch live the event's Facebook 15 January.

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