New Google Maps: updated both the Mobile Version for PC and Mac browsers!

Already in the Google I / O 2013 Google aveva annunciato un importante updating di Google Maps che riguarda sia l’aspetto graphic che alcune delle functionality del servizio delle mappe di Google. Let's see how to get the new Google Maps and what are the main changes for the browser and mobile versions for PC and MAC.The new Updates Google Maps are in the name of "personalization": the main objective is indeed to create maps tailored to the preferences and needs of each individual user.

Google maps is accessible from both browser at that on mobile devices by downloading the app on (iOS and Android).

From today, the New Google Maps should be available for all, ma se accedendo a non vedete ancora la nuova versione vi consigliamo di accedere a google con il vostro account Gmail e di richiedere la nuova versione da questo sito:

Change the first layout, which now gives more weight to map which is shown in full screen setting aside menus and commands.
Also noteworthy is the successful merge with Google Earth, that allows you to see buildings play in 3D or switch from street level to the space that surrounds the planet in seconds.
Then present detailed driving directions, suggestions for nearby places, support for panoramic images Photo Sphere and more.

At first sight it would seem to be substantial changes, but in reality the rendering engine that draws the map has completely changed and are affected in a very positive performance and views 3(D) (for example those of the buildings in cities supported).
A downside of the new rendering engine is to be quite heavy and could slow down older PCs: the effect may be so contrary to that expected, slowing down a lot of viewing the site and overall PC.

The quality of search results of sites has increased significantly and also their graphical representation:

Schermata del 2013-05-17 09:46:27

The Results are synchronized with those obtained from our mobile devices, and the first search result contains the link to get to the location indicated taking into account the traffic:

Schermata del 2013-05-17 10:03:38

Always available just below the search bar the link “explores” (also available at the bottom right) and “traffic”

The traffic is now updated in real time even with heavy traffic jams or accidents. The network of reporting has improved and it will be even more thanks to the new purchase transaction Waze:

google Maps: traffic

Pressing explores you will see a bar with pictures of the main points of interest the area. By placing the mouse pointer on a picture you will see a line in the map will show the position:

google Maps: explores

Also the mobile App has been updated: app Google Maps for iPhone has also been optimized for iPad, incorporating the new version of the browser and introducing improvements in the part relating to navigation (voice guidance, Traffic Information):

Google Maps: transportation and navigation Google, Inc.. Category: Shipping, Travel
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 4.36.1

The’Google Maps app for Android devices was already up to date:

Android Market badge

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