New Facebook service: “l ’ year summary!” Try it!

With the approach of 2014 Facebook has launched a new service “The year in brief " , (“Year in review”) already available for all users. It will be possible to consult their own 30 best moments of the 2013, or browse through those of friends.How to...: Facebook Year in Review, creates a list of 30 best moments of the 2013 choosing them on the basis of an algorithm that takes into account the like received, Comments, shares.
In reality this is not exactly your best moments, rather than discussed or most popular.
Facebook 2013

This is precisely why Facebook us’ the possibilities with a link at the bottom of the page, to add more items.

To see your Facebook page “l ’ year summary” just click on this link: link

If you would rather browse in the pages of the best events of the 2013 degli amici potete cliccare qui: Click here