tutorial: how to use Odin to update the firmware Samsung

Odin is a software developed by Samsung specifically to handle the’firmware update of Android devices. It's basically an alternative “evolved” the Samsung Kies. It is a software freeware (therefore not subject to purchase or licensing of economic use) for Windows systems useful for updating the firmware of Samsung Android devices.Usually the’update a firmware of a device Andorid (it's Samsung or any other brand) is a very simple operation that does not require additional software. When our smartphone or tablet we report an update available for the firmware (I usually verifiable byettings > Development > Software Update) is enough to have a good wifi connection, and connect the device to start the firmware update by simply pressing a button on the device itself.

Odin comes into play when the firmware update there is reported, while available. When you can verify this by? When for example a specific firmware (no-brand or branded for some operator) is made available only for certain device models or only for certain countries.

Android updates (and especially Samsung) are almost never released simultaneously around the world and Italy is usually one of the last countries in which it is released. To overcome this problem we can upgrade firmware manually via Odin.

How to update firmware with Odin Samsung Android?

  • Odin you can find here: software download page to Odin
  • Samsung Kies (required to install in your PC drivers connection with your device): Download Samsung Kies
  • Samsung firmware for your device that you can find by searching on Google or in specific articles of iSocial.it

Mobile_odin_logoThe firmware update operation is not without risk. If something happens to your PC dovessere unexpected during the update of some areas of system, Your phone may become unusable. We also invite you to perform a full backup of your device before you proceed with the upgrade. (A full backup Puu be performed via Kies). iSocial.it does not assume any responsibility about the firmware update.

  1. After downloading Odin, open the zip file and place the executable Odin (.exe) and. ini file in the folder that makes you more comfortable or simply on the desktop.
  2. Make sure you have already installed the Samsung Kies PC
  3. Connect your phone, wait a few seconds and if you had opened Kies automatically close it. Disconnect the device from the cable.
  4. Take the file containing the firmware that you have already downloaded and copy it to the same folder as Odin
  5. Turn off your device
  6. Enable the Download Mode on your device: How to enable the download mode on Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and Samsung Galaxy tab.
    fact done this on the screen of our terminal we should see the following screen:
    downloadmode2 [Guida] Aggiornare Samsung con Odin
  7. Start Odin and connect the device via USB cable. Waiting for the loading of drivers and possibly close Kies if opened automatically.
    When Odin has recognized your device, you will see the message “Added” in the area shown in the picture below:odin_added
  8. Check that you have selected everything correctly and leaving the ticks on “Auto Reboot” and “(F). Reset Time”
  9. Load the firmware image by pressing the button “AP” and press the “Start”
  10. Wait for Odin update the operating system: do not use the computer, make sure it does not go into power saving and not be out of power. During the update on your device you should see a loading bar that indicates the progress of. When installation is complete, in a first time the device may be a bit 'slow to restart, but it is quite normal.

What to do in case of blocking the firmware update Android?

If one were to stop the update during the installation procedure: in the case of block on analysis file or the entry Downloading it. .. do not turn off target We have to unplug the phone and repeat the update procedure.
In the case of blocking the smartphone simply hold down for 10 seconds the power button or unplug the battery and repeat the update procedure.

Once the terminal is restarted and we will set the language, the time and all the various items that Android requires us to first reboot, we finished and we will have our Samsung updated with the firmware we downloaded.