Today, finally ending support for Windows XP: how to work safely?

Today 8 April 2014 finally ends support for Microsoft Windows XP. There will no doubt be important consequences for consumers and business users who continue to use Windows XP.We have already addressed this issue in our article: End of support for Windows XP. What? It's serious? e abbiamo visto che la soluzione migliore e che ci garantisce di lavorare in modo più sereno, uninterrupted and dramatically reducing the possibility of losing our data due to a virus, is that of upgrade to windows 8.1:

Verifica le offerte per passare a Microsoft Windows 8.1!

The reasons why recommend switching to Windows 8.1 We have already seen in our article cited just above, and we can summarize briefly. What does the cessation of support for Microsoft Windows XP?

  • missing security updates (road open to new viruses)
  • failure to produce safety applications (developments app compatible with Windows XP will always be less)
  • mancata correzione di errori / bug which could put at risk the validity and storing your data


But let's see what we can do to continue to work with Windows XP, trying to keep a good reliability and an acceptable level of safety, keeping in mind that the problems do not begin today, but the situation will deteriorate more and more with the passage of time.
Mark your calendar for this date: 13 May. It is the “Patch day” a kind of “rally” hacker with a sort of race to find the vulnerabilities in operating systems.

windows xp chiue supportoHere's how to try to have a computer as safe as possible while keeping Windows XP:

1) Have a antiviurs to continue to produce updates for Windows XP. A good antivirus is also sold online karspersky:
Kaspersky Lab Anti-virus 2014, 1U
Kaspersky Lab Anti-virus 2014, 1U
2) Windows Update remains functional (though no longer supplied with updates). Try to download all available security updates for your PC (especially the Service Pack 3) If you do not know how to do.. launched Windows Update from the Start menu and follow the instructions

3) If possible abandoned the use of Internet Explorer. The version 8 in Internet Explorer (last supported by Windows XP) is terribly outdated: downloaded for free and used only Google Chrome the Mozilla Firefox

4) quando utilizzate il vostro pc (especially if you share the use of the computer with other people) Used users DO NOT DIRECTORS. Use the admin user only to access when you need to install new software or set up new users; Do not use the user to type an administrator to browse the internet normally, download file, music, etc...

5) Install a great tool provided by Microsoft, and that Microsoft will continue to support the same until July 2015: Malicious Software Removal Tool obtained free of charge from here.

So to conclude:

  • if you are private.. you can still resist with Windows XP
  • if you have a company not worth the risk: passed to the new Windows 8.1!


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