How to organize a contest on Facebook

Everything you need to know to organize a contest on Facebook There is still a great deal of confusion over the rules governing the contest on Facebook, often companies will realize the potential, but then give up because of a legislation (the Italian one) quite complex. So let us do some’ of clarity.

First of all, Let's clarify this: It is not possible, According to Italian law, organize a sweepstakes on Facebook.
How can we, then, work around the problem, without encountering any sanctions?

There are several possible solutions, the simplest is to use a platform to create integrated with Facebook contest.

But let's go with order.
Facebook contest

Contest on facebook: objectives

The objectives of a contest on Facebook relate essentially to two spheres, that social and that of lead generation.

Social side, the two KPIs that you can go to improve with an online contest is l’engagement rate and, accordingly, the’organic reach and then, in General, We will have an increased visibility of our Facebook page.

With regard to the lead generation, using an external platform Facebook, We will meet at the end of the contest with a profiled list of contacts, that we can use for other marketing campaigns, to build lists lookalike on Facebook or as list for email marketing.

Why organize a contest on Facebook

As we have seen, the advantages of a contest on Facebook are different.

If you manage to make a breach in your community, in fact, you get a viral effect "organic" which can lead to a spread of the initiative, spending only a small advertising budget at the beginning, and to get even several thousand contacts profiles.

In the case of a photo contest, eg, users will be prompted to upload a photo to win prize, but also to invite their circle to vote. This will then trigger a virtuous cycle, due to Word of mouth, social, that can determine the success of our contest without large investments in Adv.

In addition to this, Yes improve brand perception in the eyes of consumers and you can reach different consumers thanks to the viralising of contents.

What does the Italian law about sweepstakes

If there is a prize that has a cash value, even a few euros, Italian law provides for a number of obligations which serve to protect consumers from fraud.

These obligations are described exactly in This page of the Ministry of economic development.

In the specific, however,, the part that interests us is that relating to the retention of data of participants in the competition.

The law provides that the data is stored on Italian soil.

In the case of digital data, the Server must be placed on Italian soil, or the data should be copied with a system of mirroring in real time on an Italian server.

accordingly, then, the competitions run directly on social networks (that do not have server in Italy) are illegal.

How to solve the problem

To resolve this problem you can use a Italian platform for creating online contest integrated with social networks and, specifically, with Facebook.

The data is preserved on Italian soil and thanks to the use of Social Facebook Login, It is possible to register users with one click and ask them to share their participation in the competition on their profile.

In this way, In addition to being in compliance with the law, We get another important advantage: a database profile registered users to our contest, that's not really a big deal, because if we made a contest on Facebook would not be possible.