Pages you might like: Facebook mobile advertising push

Many of you will have noticed it: lately on the mobile versions of Facebook (IPhone and Android app and WebMobile version) Facebook has raised the level of visibility of “Pages you might like”. The “box” advertising is increasingly present, why?

Some users asked us: “Why am I always the box shown “Pages you might like” in Facebook Mobile? did not happen before“.

In fact it is true, recently in Italy Facebook is pushing much more than before on the advertising the mobile channel.

In fact, the box that is presented to you in your “news bulletin” suggesting “Pages you might like” is nothing more than advertising. As you can see in the example at hand, the pages are mostly “sponsored“: the authors of those pages Facebook, have paid to give wider circulation to their sites.

The reason is simple: as it may seem absurd, lately the problem number 1 Facebook is called Mobile!

By now most of the 50% users are accessing the social via Mobile. There is talk of something like 500 millions of people who spend much more time on Facebook via mobile via "fixed". This aspect, that might seem like an advantage and a large safe bet, is actually a problem. And also big.

Of internal documents of the management team of Facebook we can detect some passages in which doubt arises about the possibility of earning money from users who access via a mobile channel.

In fact through the mobile channel, space to show advertisements is minimal (than the right column of the desktop version of Facebook normalmete used just for promotional purposes)

Facebook claims that the daily active users via mobile phones are growing faster than the advertisements that can offer on that platform. In other words, multiple users access via mobile phones and see fewer ads, and the more you lower the intoiti Facebook

This correlation is shown in the documents 3 points:

• the growth of mobile may adversely affect the company's revenue: "We believe that increased use of Facebook on mobile devices has contributed to the recent trend of our daily active users (Daus), increasing faster than the increase in the number of advertisements shown ";

• the correlation between increase in mobile users and decrease of ads "is due in part to specific pages that have fewer ads per page, as a result of the decisions taken on this kind of product ";

• finally, confirms the introduction of sponsored pages we talked about earlier: "only recently has begun to show Sponsored Stories in News Feed" via mobile.

The growth trend of mobile users is scary, soon to be many more than those accesses Mobile Computer. That must be why they're growing more and more display of new smartphones? It won't be for us to be more publicity… true ? :)