Check pages on Facebook: How to get the badge of authenticity!

Have a verified Facebook page has many benefits including priority in searches on Facebook and is therefore a powerful marketing tool for a company.
By following a few simple steps we can obtain the badge of verified page on Facebook for our local business or organisation.
The possibility that Facebook provides to Verify pages for local businesses is a recent update: If in your Facebook profile not found yet all links in the tutorial that follows, try again after a few weeks. When Facebook releases updates are available immediately to all.

How to check a page on Facebook

These requirements:

  • be an admin of the page
  • have a page identified as local business

Please note: It's not about the blue badge you see normally in the pages of public figures or global companies, but a new black badge, created specifically for companies and organizations.

How to confirm Facebook page falls between local businesses

Enter your Facebook page, Click “Information” then “Page info”.
On the right, in the section “Page info” you will find the category.
To obtain the certification will have to be identified as “Local businesses”.

Caution: do not force the category “Local businesses” on pages that are not really related to enterprises: is there a manual verification process by operators that Facebook will discard your request!

After doing this change, and only when the Facebook update will be available for your page, entering the settings page by clicking at the top right of “Settings”, the submenu “General” you will find the new entry "page".


As we are reminded by Facebook Check pages appear among the top search results.

Press “Check this page” to continue.

You will now be prompted to test your page proving Facebook that it is really of that company's page. You can do this check in two ways:

  • by phone number (recommended testing methodology, very fast)
    the number must be real because the system will call the phone number of the company
  • by sending specific documents (for example sending a scan of bills, tax return, Statute, etc.., documents that must contain the exact name of the company on the page.

badge_pagina_verificataAt the end of the check, get the badge of verified page.
It is a black badge: by clicking it you can read the meaning of verified page: