Pokémon Gyms GO: Choose the right Pokémon to fight!

When in Pokémon GO fight in a gym of an opposing team to conquer it, You can build your own list of Pokémon for use in combat. Many players think it's cheaper to put highest Pokémon team with CP, the choice must be made so much smarter!As you know all the Pokemon are one or more types (so to speak: water, fire, grass, etc.…). Each type has specific features, is more aggressive towards other categories and less aggressive or even almost indifferent toward other types .

In our article “All kinds of Pokémon and where to find them” You can get an idea of the various types of Pokémon in the game.

With regard to the features that are specific to a type of Pokémon and l ’ opportunity to fight one type against a ’ other you must have dedicated some’ to study the various types of Pokémon, and especially a good memory ’… or have a site like iSocial.it that recommends a ’ great Android application which helps you to Choose the best Pokemon for the fighting in gyms!
Pokemon go fight

How to choose the right Pokemon to fight in gyms

If you have an Android device, flushed immediately l’free application “GO Helper for Pokémon GO”:

App Name
Fev Games

Once you install the app you have to start it by pressing the button “START”.

Feel like you don't happen nothing, actually if you look good on your display you will find a little black and Red ((F)|G) in overlay (overlay) You can move and place at the point that disturbs less (kinda like Facebook chat Messenger icons)

This symbol will allow you to access, during the game, a great database of the types of Pokémon directly, without having to leave the game in any way: the information will remain in “overlay” allowing you to view them or hide them when you want to.

Here is the explanation of the buttons of the app:

POKEMON: allows you to search using the name of a Pokémon (the search is optimized, Therefore you can write even only a portion of the). Once you've found the Pokémon you wish to get more information click on it and the system will display the following information

  • Very Weak to (very weak against…)
  • Weak to (weak against ...)
  • Resistant to (resistant to…)
  • Immune to (immune to…)

TYPE(S): allows you to search directly the types and sottotipologie of Pokémon via a drop down menu and provides the same information that we talked to search POKEMON.

CLOSE APP: closes the app Go Helper

HIDE OVERLAY: hides the screens for research and keeps visible the symbol useful for riaprile

features PokémonHere's an example: We must fight against Electabuzz, We open our search by clicking on the red-and-white, Click on “POKEMON”, We write the first part of the name Electabuzz and select the correct Pokémon from the list.
The following information will be displayed:

  • Weak to Ground (weak against ground Pokémon)
  • Resistant to Electric Flying Steel (resist electric Pokémon, steel wheels)

This information will allow us to schoose among our best to face our opponent Pokémon to Electabuzz. If we have a good ground Pokémon (eg: Sandshrew, Sandslash, Diglett, DugtrioCubone, Marowak, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Nidoqueen and Nidoking) It would be better to use that instead of a wheel with many CP

We hope to be been useful, Have fun!