Slow iPhone? Try this free tool to speed up your iPhone and iPad without jailbreak!

When using several apps available for iOS, there is a risk that our iPhone / iPad becomes slow. This is because they accumulate several files “junk” unnecessary for the correct device of our device, indeed harmful because they create delays and take up unnecessary space. Let's see a beautiful free tool that allows you to make faster your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak or unlock the iPhone

A po’ how do you clean the PC operating system (eg with CCleaner), the same way it would be useful to clean up our iPhone and iPad if it were to become slow to improve performance.
Just in this regard, iMobie has released a free tool for cleaning of iOS platforms: PhoneClean.

The real revolution of this free tool is that it works on iPhone and iPad devices also without Jailbreak (without having been unlocked)

And’ distributed for both Windows and Mac operating systems, is easy to use and allows you to clean up our iPhone or iPad slow without compromising on anything. The cleaning process is completely transparent, because you will always have the opportunity to see and choose what will be deleted. The process is automatic PhoneClean be optimized and allows you to speed up your iPhone.

And’ can download the full version of PhoneClean for Windows directly from the official site of iMobile clicking here. There are at this address also versions “read” for Windows and Mac that require the installation on your computer of Microsoft .NET 3.5 or higher and iTunes 9.0 or higher.

Once you open the first screen, the program asks you to connect the iPhone / iPad to your computer via the USB cable:

You just have to connect your iOS device and wait for the program to detect the. Once the survey, shows some essential data: device type, capacity, the space occupied and available space.

Let's see together on our iPhone Test how he behaved PhoneClean:


In this same screen you can decide what to analyze, we recommend that you keep all the items checked, you can then choose whether on something you want to avoid cleaning.
The available items:


  • TEMP and Junk Files – “Temporary files and junk”: those files are downloaded from your device or generated by applications. These files should be deleted by the same app.. but often because of a crash remain in the device, often making slow your iPhone or iPad.
  • iphoneclean_3And off-line cache files – “Cache files, and files offline”: files are usually downloaded from the internet that keeps the device to not have to re-download. Often the management of these offline files is not the best in the app and you are likely to keep stored files no longer in use. And’ advisable to clean periodically.
  • Cookie and Script files – “coockes file and Javascript code”: files are downloaded during browsing,. Often these files allow you to keep sessions open with some sites, or to track your behavior on the network. Some sites may also place cookies malware that could Invade your privacy. We recommend that you delete these files, it is not a dangerous process: if necessary will be re-downloaded when you visit the sites that need it.
  • Sync-failed Media Files – “File synchronization failed”: it may happen that during the Sync with iTunes, this process stops in an unusual way, generating files “junk” that remain in your iPhone or iPad causing loss of space. We recommend that you delete these files to free up space on your iPhone / iPad.

Once the scan (that may take a long time especially the first time that you run PhoneClean), is shown the space that can be cleaned in each section, and you can view, clicking on the arrow (>) the details. We see our case (Time and Junk files were eliminated in a previous trial, releasing over 200 MB of space on your iPhone):



Clicking on the arrow “detail” as we said we can examine exactly what will be erased, and choose to keep:

phoneclean_4_detail velocizzare iphone


If you do not trust the automation to speed up the iPhone so you can analyze individual entries.

We suggest, for example, do not delete the cache of those who download a lot of data and apps you use often: For example Waze save maps in cache, if you delete the app will riscaricarle.

Then press the back arrow <- the blue button and choose Clean Up.
The cleaning process is much faster than that of analysis.

At the end you will be shown the space you have free on your iPhone with the cleaning operation.
phoneclean_result pulizia iphone lentoIn our case we have released nearly a gigabyte of space from our iPhone which is moreover much faster!

Below is the official video tutorial for use with the Guide PhoneClean to free up space and speed up your iPhone / iPad:

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