What Pinterest?

Pinterest is the most important social networks emerging in recent months, party in 2010, but only recently has attracted’ general interest of users and media. Its name comes from “PIN” (needle) and “Interest” (interest) this social and has a very ambitious goal: bring together all the people of the world through the things you find interesting.

In Sintesa,the service is a huge bulletin board on which users can stop it with a pin photographs, videos, notes, recipes and more, as they did once with cork panels and pins or magnets on the refrigerator. The various contents are cataloged according to the subject and can be shared with other subscribers to the service.


As in other social, anche in Pinterest è possibile follow users, click on the like(which can be shared on Facebook and Twitter) and comment on the "pin" of other users. Before adding pin, we need to create the "board" or sets of pins that will identify the category into which we put our pin (a bit 'as categories and tags blog). There are Board already proposed to you but you can add your own if what you want is not on the list.

Grazie ai numeri e all’usabilità della piattaforma, Pinterest is becoming an increasingly attractive promotional channel, and there is no shortage Brands to have already jumped into this experience. Given the purely visual social network, Pinterest è the-place-to-be per aziende che operano in settori dove l’immagine è centrale, from fashion, to photography, cinema, Art and design, to the trademarks related to cosmetics. An original use of the medium, however, makes it an interesting channel for other types of marks, ideal for reaching goals in a creative way:

> Awareness: in Pinterest è come avere a disposizione tanti pannelli interattivi per attirare il proprio pubblico. Each board can accommodate a campaign of artistic images or eye-catching impact, to spread the many faces of its brand. A strong idea for NGOs, eg, is to build on its many visual narratives related causes.

> Increase in traffic: secondo Adage, Pinterest is an incredible traffic generator. An integration of the social network's broader strategy of marketing or e-commerce can result in data conversion stellar.

> SEO: grazie al grande volume di traffico, the high level of user interaction and integration with Facebook and Twitter, links of his mark on Pinterest can greatly improve the web-ranking of the brand and the message viralizzarne.

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