Pixable reveals the photos that you look on Facebook

If you use Pixable you'll notice that Public inexorably on your Facebook account, in the section “activity” pictures that look and that also marked as “favorite” cliccando sul cuoricino vicino ad ogni foto.
This behavior of Pixable was not very welcome, but let's see how to fix it.

Pixable is a beautiful app for iPhone / iPad and Android (as well as being accessible via web) which allows you to view with extreme comfort all the pictures posted on social networks. To learn more about Pixable read our article.

To do this, Pixable you connect with your favorite social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and uses this access also to publish votre activity on Pixable. Obviously this is the default application. And’ understandable.. is the way in which Pixable spreads their name on the Network.

And’ can, however, prevent it in a very simple way:

pixable accesso impostazioni

  • after using Pixable through application or through their website www.pixable.com, go to your Facebook page, modified timeline (daily) and find the section that contains your last activity, which makes those created by Pixable.
  • Pixable impedisci di pubblicarePut the mouse over the text published by Pixable and click on the little cross that will appear in the upper right.
  • At this point a menu will appear, from which you will choose to “Do not allow to publish Pixable…”
  • dates confirmed in the window that appears.

Now you can continue to use safely Pixable without having to worry about privacy!