Pokemon GO APK download infected with viruses! How to recognize it?

The Pokémon GO-craze is spreading ’ oil stain in Italy, where the game is not yet officially available thanks to dell ’ APK download (application) unofficially for Android smartphones. Unfortunately,, as is always the case, attackers are often infected with a terrible virus many APK in circulation, undermining the safety of many Android devices.

It is the “virus” DroidJack allowing attackers to take complete control of your device remotely, so even to steal login credentials to sites of payment.

How to recognize if your version of Pokémon GO APK is infected

To recognize if l’APK of Pokémon GO you downloaded is infected you have to see which permissions have been granted all ’ app at the moment of installation ’. And’ very easy check, simply, on your Android device you have to go to:

  1. Settings / Applications / Application management
  2. found l ’ app Pokémon GO by scrolling (in alphabetical order) and click on it
  3. in the detail screen that pops up scroll down and verify device access permissions.


Pay attention: the’original app Pokémon GO Does not require l ’ access to Favorites and history, While l ’ l ’ requires access to these infected parts apk.

The the original version of Pokémon GO apk, asks the following permissions:

  • Maintains photos and videoMicrofono
  • Position
  • Recognition activities
  • Reading SD card content
  • detection account
  • access to the internet
  • Bluetooth
  • vibration

The infected version of Pokémon GO apk Instead it requires l ’ access to:

  • Access to address book
  • Web access to bookmarks and history
  • Access to SMS
  • Audio recording
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Run at startup

Given the danger of the virus, If you find permissions indicating l ’ infected apps I strongly recommend you do a restore your device to its initial state. Will not be sufficient to clean up the ’ app l Pokémon Go uninstall device from virus.

If you're not sure or you are unable to get this control we recommend uninstalling completely ’ Pokémon GO app l (This operation will not lose anything of your progress in the game) and replacing it by a trusted site.

Once reinstalled you will be asked for birth date again, and after selecting your Google account to access ’ you will return to play exactly where you were, without having lost absolutely nothing.

Download Pokémon GO from a trusted site

We suggest downloading Pokémon GO, until it is available in the Play Store, from a trusted site. We recommend you to use APKMirror:

Scroll through the description, at the bottom you will find the link to download the latest version of Pokémon GO ’:
Pokemon GO APK downloadOn the next screen, wait until the grey button “Download APK” become red and click it to download the original Pokémon GO ’ APK!

Write down the version (in this case 0.29.0) and go check that site to see if an updated version is out.
We remind you that, being installed directly as APK, Pokémon GO won't update automatically, and you'll have to reinstall it when we will release updates!

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