Presented the new Apple Watch: will really be a revolution?

Tim coock, from the stage of the Yerba Center, very satisfied announced: “Ever since I was a child I dreamed of call with the clock. This is a revolution”. It will be just like that? The new Apple Watch to be a revolution must have definitely something of exceptional, perhaps because Tim Cook if they have forgotten, but the first smartwatch were marketed by now more than two years ago. We see all the features “innovative” and the price of Apple Watch!What we can do more Apple is to make the InPulse, Today object rather niche, a fashion item: the same technique adopted for the marketing of its iPhone and iPad. And’ This is the real revolution of Apple today: transform an object already known, with features and technologies already on the market, in objects of worship but almost certainly much desired, knowing meglioo sell all other.

The true innovative feature of Apple Watch is to be beautiful.
Watch Apple will be available in three versions:

  • classic version with stainless alloy steel (strong but lightweight)
  • sport version with aluminum case
  • Deluxe Version “Edition” con cassa in oro (yellow or pink) 18etc.


As for the new iPhone, Watch Apple will be available in two dimensions: with cash from 38 the 42 mm. A dimension that seems almost identical, but that the wrist and use you certainly notice.

Were also presented prices of the new Apple Watch: la versione sport “basis” will be marketed in the United States from 349 Us $, to arrive at a price ranging from 549 to 1049 US $ for the classic version.
Have you ever thought of giving your girlfriend suffered the Apple world the gold version? Start saving the 10.000 US $ which will be marketed in the short!

Apple Watch is fully customizable (straps and dial are interchangeable)


As regards the output of Apple Watch in Italy, yet there is no clear dates, the roll-out should be around the end of summer in Italy; unknown even the price at which it will be marketed in Italy Apple Watch.

The main caratteristiche di Apple Watch reflect a little’ la scia dei concorrenti con sistema operativo Android.. Apple Watch permette infatti di:

  • receive and make calls (even in the absence of the iPhone ’ if we are under WiFi coverage)
  • inviare e leggere sms e email
  • display notifications
  • take pictures
  • track vital signs and physical activity

Ah, almost definitely.. the Apple ’ Watch can also show the ’ now ;)

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