Presentation IOS 7: possible delays in the official release date?

Tuesday 10 th September, during the Apple event will be presented the new iOS 7. But when it becomes available iOS 7 in the final version? There will be the usual limitations to install it? Apparently so.Not yet been released Gold Master (is the version “officer” for developers, so that they can test the operation of their total App) it seems unlikely that the new ios 7 is released 10 th September.

It would also seem that there are some limitations for the installation of the official version of iOS7:
Airdrop at least for now will not be available in iOS 7 iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, ipad 3 and iPad 2. The service is only compatible with iPhone 5, ipad 4, mini iPad and iPod touch fifth generation.
The application camera the new iOS 7 have limitations for iPad 2: some of the filters will not be exploitable.
There are also limitations for Italian users regarding Siri: the development of new responses and from experiments with the English version will not be available in Italian. As well as the integration of research on Twitter seems to be limited to American English languages, French and German.

Let's see what are all the news of the final version of iOS 7

The spell-check has had several revisions: correct composition of verbs. Now the uncomfortable habit of turning verbs in the past tense was correta. Now we no longer have the result “opened” when we type “open”.

The new Control Center is one of the most interesting new. Copied from Android with an improper delay, also brings iPhone users control over their smartphones. Just slide your finger from the bottom upwards, and there appear a panel from which to control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, do not disturb and brightness; or use the flash as a flashlight.

The other big news of iOS 7 is the graphical overhaul. A myriad of small changes creates the overall effect, but the most obvious is in the icons flatter. The new iOS knows how to rejuvenate without upsetting (maybe just a little bit) those who love the old habits. Apple has also consistently revised their applications.

Apple has revisited also the Notifications Center, which is accessed by sliding your finger from top to bottom (starting from the top of the screen). Now it is organized on three tabs:: Today (calendar and reminders), All and Missed. Irrelevant to those who use a maximum of Facebook, but essential for anyone who has set up notifications for many applications and has to manage the chaos that ensues.

Long wave of “Instagram phenomenon” Apple has also added to the camera some predefined filters. With iOS 7 You can then take photographs “square”, in alternative to the standard format. Magazine also the organization of the photo album, with a result that is mediocre to want to be kind. The software is a bit’ faster.

Also improved multitasking, which is now more intelligent. There is always accessed by double clicking the home button, but open applications now occupy the whole screen and scroll horizontally. To close one just “drag” upwards.

The Safari browser has no more the search box separate, but integrates into the address just as happens in Google Chrome.

More substance instead of updating Find My iPhone. The new application makes Apple phones less palatable for a possible thief, because now you need to enter the details of the owner also turn off remote searching or reset the phone.

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