PrezziBenzina: save on the price of petrol and diesel!

PrezziBenzina is a social-app available for both iPhone and Android that allows you to check where the distributor of gasoline and diesel engines with the best prices.

Gasoline prices are not imposed from above, are simply recommended, pertantoanche the same company, il singolo gestore potrebbe applicare prezzi migliori rispetto ad altri.

The app via GPS can pinpoint your location and advise the operator that applies the best prices.

How does it work PrezziBenzina?

As we said, it is a social-app, and therefore lives thanks to the contribution of community.

In addition to works carried out directly on the service providers (in the case of promotions applied to whole companies) are precisely the users themselves via the application or website update prices “to the pump”

Therefore, if you find useful application, please feel morally obliged to make the contribution, also highlighting the prices when you walk past a petrol pump. Upgrade pricing is a very simple to perform, and could help many other users!

If you are curious and want to see statistics, price differences in the various Italian regions, potete consultare il sito


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