Price iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C Italy: the most expensive in Europe

The presentation of the new iPhone and iPhone 5S 5C left a bad taste in the mouths of many loyal Apple, is now customary for the lack of consistent big news, and to the surprise of prices in Italy of the new iPhone 5S and 5C especially the iPhone version that had to be “cheap” Apple smartphone.In fact, although in the U.S. the price of the iPhone 5S without subscription is identical to that of the previous model (iPhone 5), ie 710 Dollars for the 16GB version then at today's exchange rate of about 535 €, Europe prices continue to rise.

In France and in Germany the price of the iPhone 5S will 699 Euro against 16Gb iPhone 5S 679 previous model (iPhone 5)
Italian users for some reason have always been among the hardest hit in Europe with regard to the price of the iPhone therefore also for the release of the iPhone and iPhone 5S 5C we can expect a further rise in prices.
iPhone 5 5s franceComparing the increase in the price of the iPhone 5 in Italy than in France, we can say that the new iPhone 5S will have a price in Italy of 749 € for the 16GB version, which should increase 849 Euros for the 32 GB and 949 Euros for the top of the range 64 GB.

iPhone-5s-5 c

Regarding instead the iPhone price 5C there are still surprises worst. What had been defined in the economic model of the iPhone rumors, has very little to economic, if the body is not built with less expensive materials than the model 5S.
While in France for an iPhone 5C “enough” 599 €, in Italy we expect a price 649 Euros for the iPhone 5C model 16GB and 749 € for the 32GB iPhone 5C.

It is therefore questionable to what has “cheap” 5C when the model with little more than 100 Euro you can buy the model 5S.
Therefore we do not call iPhone 5C “cheap“, let's just call “colorful” because of loss has very little!