Alarm privacy for Facebook comments

On Facebook you will surely read appeals allarme di privacy nei commenti della nuova versione di Facebook. It would seem in fact that people who are not in touch with us can access our data thanks to the comments of a friend. Let's find out what's true.On the popular social network these days users are spreading this message:

"To all my contacts: with the change in facebook everyone can access our information even if they are not in our contacts. It is enough, then, that a person places a comment or click on face “I like”, that others who are in his list of friends, can access our information. , therefore, to focus…the mouse on my name above (without clicking), wait for it to open the window and go with the pointer “Friends” (without clicking). Click on “settings” and remove the check mark in “I like comments”. So our information will no longer be in the public domain. Thanks!If you are interested you can copy and paste ".

This message seems to compel those who do not want to have their own posts “public”, to ask all their friends to do some clicks to protect your privacy. Especially for those who have many friends long the operation will be, and especially how can we hope that all these operations Compiano?

Actually the privacy on facebook, as we have already written in this article depends on us, and not from other.

accesso privacy facebook

How do then?

Accedi alla sezione privacy your account as shown in the image: in the upper right clicking on the arrow at the bottom and selecting “Privacy Settings!

Click on “Personalized” (represented by a gray gear).

At this point you will have the first setting really important: who to display what you post on the bulletin board:

privacy facebook - solo amici-

And’ here that by setting the Personalized privacy its “Friends” will prevent that your post will be public for people who do not know, even if your friends or make them comment “I like”