Privacy: What do you know about us Facebook? (disturbing..)

Have you ever wondered what it knows about you Facebook? You worry about the Privacy? If you are intrigued, together to discover what your information Facebook is in possession of crossing data.What Facebook holds many of our personal data such as name, surname, year and date of birth, email address, cellular phone (to recover passwords) although not shown publicly, is quite obvious.. but have you ever wondered, combining the data of your profile, with the post, Comments, and other profiles such other information may come out?

WolframAlpha Facebook analytics

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It can tell us Tungsten|Alpha, the excellent search engine sluppato by Stephen Wolfram. Let's see how to do:

  1. Go to the website of Wolfram|Alpha in the section devoted to the analysis of Facebook profiles: (link opens in a new window)
  2. Click on “Get Started”
  3. Authorize Wolfram Alpha to interact with your Facebook account by clicking the button Agreed;
  4. Create an account free Wolfram Alpha by filling out the form that appears on the site (of course if you do not already have one)
  5. Click on the blue button Analyze My Facebook Data Now.
Wolfram facebook status

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After a few seconds (depends on how complex your Facebook profile, by the historian of the post and the list of your friends) will see a page with a summary of your Facebook profile: Your current photo, first name last name and your data base.

Scrolling further down we can find:

  • a summary of your Activity on Facebook divided between photos uploaded, status changed, links and videos published, with bar graphs, pie, etc...
  • details on words more frequanti in your posts
  • the most frequent subjects in your posts
  • your photo Most commented
  • who has the most commented on your post
  • Wolfram statistiche

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    percentage men and women among your friends

  • percentage of friends married / single / boyfriends
  • the distribution on the territory of your friends
  • average age of your friends
  • friends younger and older
  • the friends with whom interact more
  • and your check-in geographical
  • your photos and more appreciated from your friends
  • friends with whom you have more Friends in common
  • a beautiful internal-network where you can see the interconnections of your friends, where the ball is bigger than the one that interacts with the other

If you are not particularly attention to privacy, you will not be surprised.

In fact Facebook preparing your data is able to discover many things about you: what are the topics for which you write more, if you have more “dealing” with girls and boys married, engaged couples or singles.. and many other goodies.

If your friends have not chosen too narrow fees privacy, You can see this information on their profiles, by clicking on the names of your friends in your statistics.

All data can be saved and shared, try you too!