Google will use our photos and our comments to advertise products!

The new terms of servizo Google that will take effect from 11 November 2013 introduce big changes, that allowing Google to use some of our personal information like photo, name and comments to advertise products and services. It is an attack on our Google privacy?Users who previously had chosen not to share their +1 Google with friends, will be automatically excluded from this new “campaign” Google's advertising.
The username, the photo and any comments will be used for advertising purposes within the services offered by Google (which are numerous) in what Google calls “shared endorsements” which are small “Reviews” of a line of text, displayed simultaneously with banner ads or ads.Google-privacy

Google has posted an example of how you might show the newest ads in which Google will use your face, your name or your opinion to advertise services:
A Google user, through privacy settings of your account they may choose to be excluded from this program not just snap on November 11, these new modes.
By the changes to the new terms of service will obviously be excluded minors.

Google clearly states that it is not a restriction of user privacy, and that the purpose of the new strategy is to offer more comprehensive services and customized.

We will keep you informed as they become available how to remove from Google's advertising program.