Profiles secrets Facebook: time will be available for all! Attention to privacy!

Facebook announced that very soon will eliminate the section of the privacy settings that allows you to choose whether make your profile visible or not anyone. Default, always a Facebook account can be seen by anyone: you can search through a Facebook profile name or email address. There is (or at least there) a'Privacy option that allows you to hide your Facebook profile from search: Now we will have to say goodbye to the profiles secrets!This section has been for some time removed from all the profiles that they had not ever enabled this option of confidentiality to hide your Facebook profile, but soon will be insensitive and no longer accessible to all profiles that had enabled, making the Facebook profile visible in searches to anyone.
Facebook Wall logoObviously, if your privacy settings are set correctly, Your profile can be found in the research, but the contents will not be visible to the people who do not belong to your group of friends.

Just as it has always been so, to maintain “invisible” unwanted eyes to their content you just have to carefully choose even greater level of sharing updates: public, only friends or selected groups and people. Will therefore no longer possible to hide your first and last name / search by email.

The decision by Facebook to delete this option “Protection of Privacy” is definitely connected to the diffusion of Graph Search on which you can find more Information and instructions for activation in our article.