Byng: the new way to pay for parking using the Telepass! Already active in Ferrara

Pyng is the new service Telepass for payment of parking on the blue lines. The service will be activated on the whole national territory but is already available and functioning premiered in Ferrara.The operation is very simple and requires no registration or use of credit cards or refills as most of the apps that already allow the payment of parking (such as MyCicero or SostaFacile).
The payment of parking on the blue lines is performed on your behalf Telepass and the rest is handled through an app easy to use already available on Android and Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad.

pyng telepass stop payment

How active Pyng to pay for parking?

Easy: enter the site in your reserved area (if you are not yet registered but have a toll.. It's the right time to register), in the section “Telepass club” from the left menu choose “Telepass Pyng” and activate.

How you pay for parking with Pyng?

Parked and open the app. Pyng immediately detects the position of the vehicle, you can choose the license plate linked to your toll or pay on behalf of someone else entering the new plate.
Now you can forget about the parking meter: initially choose a duration of stay, that you can change at any time (is that extending it cessandola before time).

This way you will pay only the actual duration, since the end of the break you can decide to stop it ahead of time that you had planned.
The charge will be billed directly to your account Telepass!

How do firefighters or auxiliaries to verify that parking was paid?

The party responsible for stops using a telematics system (palmar) for the detection of infringements: that occur when parked half on the blue lines not stop the cutting of exposed on the dashboard type the plate of the vehicle on your handheld.
The system automatically checks on that plate was started parking systems online (Pyng the SostaFacile) notifying the auxiliary traffic.

Anyhow, or in case of error, the application and the site maintain a history of all stops made for any disputes

Simple, not?

Recall that the Payment for parking on the blue lines through Pyng is active on an experimental, but fully functional, only the territory of Ferrara, but will soon be extended to other cities.

Pyng+ Telepass Pay Category: Travel
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 2.0.3

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