How much money does Pokémon GO? An empire millionaire!

The Pokémon Go mania is beating every expectation: million users worldwide play and drive up the earnings of the creators of the game.. and not only! We see how much gets Niantic, Nintendo and all the chain behind the videogame of the year ’!

how much money does Pokémon GO

As you all know Pokémon GO is free, apparently at least: an occasional player probably won't spend anything.. but as soon as the Pokémon GO mania will assail him will be willing to spend some € to enhance their Pokémon or buy various gadgets.
As far as the rates may seem low.. in fact it is a real bargain!

How much money does Pokémon GO

Via In-App purchase, You can buy Pokécoins (the virtual currency of the game): they are purchased about 1,6 Million US $ per day (about one and a half million euro).

Revenue is broken down so:

  • the 30% Apple pockets, selling additional products through its own online store
  • the 30% go to Niantec, the software company that developed the game
  • the 30% the Companyche holds the Pokémon franchise
  • “only " 10% to Nintendo (participating in the capital of Niantec that of Pokémon Company).

Nintendo, however,, Thanks to the spread of Pokémon has recorded an amazing leap in Bag, thus increase 15 days its market value of 90%, for a current market capitalization of well 37 billions of dollars.

The game Pokémon GO has just been prevalent in Europe, do you think that at maximum output has been estimated an increase of turnover among 150 and the 200 million US $ per month.

By reading these data it appears that Google has remained “outside” from this business in spite of Niantic in the past was part of the Google Group.. and that the maps have something very similar to Google maps… Instead the search giant, through the parent company Alphabet has invested 30 billions of dollars in Enterprise Pokémon GO.