How much time do we spend on social networks ?

An interesting research conducted by SociallyAware blog does a sketch of the average American, and its relationship with social networks which show how much time the average American spends on social networks.

Thanks to a beautiful presentation graphics, SociallyAware blog presents the data of the average American in relation to social networks. How long does it take their lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, etc...

Currently the 18% the time spent on the Internet is captured by the Social Network. Do not you think so? yet it is also counted the time spent on the Internet for work..

From 2006, time spent on social network has more than doubled, from an average of 2,7 hours at 6,9 hours per month.

Currently the 56% Americans have a profile on a social network, against 24% the 2006.

Of course, among all social networks, Facebook is the number one. The average Facebook user has lost more than 7 hours per month on the site The surprise (at least for us) the second place in the standings if they contend Tumblr and Pinterest.

Twitter is widespread, But it can not compete in terms of time spent on their site, as they normally access is very fast, for a post of a few characters or to read some tweets.

For more details we leave the original graphics that represents the details of the research:



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